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African Summon
African culture is one generation away from extinction if our elders fail to tell their stories and the stories their parents told them. If they fail to help the next generation appreciate the value of what they were born into and the opportunities that lie therein, the children of Africa are certain to miss their way in a global world. Through its cultural and educational programs, African Summon offers an opportunity for all to join in the rediscovery of Africa and its essence.

Consider for a moment one place in the world where you could go to find natural resources like gold, diamond, oil, timber, rubber, wildlife, agricultural produce and manpower, enough to feed the world – you will be in Africa. Consider once more, one place in the world where a smile means friendship and love, and a gift has no “pay it back” clause attached to it. You will equally be in Africa. These facts constitute the foundation to a curiosity surrounding the reports of poverty, disease, strife and division that have become synonymous to the Continent of Africa.

At African Summon, we believe that the best opportunities for personal growth come from a hands-on experience. This is the inspiration behind our African Cultural Immersion Program, where we make it possible for all participants to have a chance to visit Africa at least once in a lifetime. We offer a chance to explore Africa’s diverse and rich culture and enjoy its scenery through planned events. Our programs are developed to showcase various African cultures, providing the perfect platform to connect, learn and grow. We connect you to everything Africa.

(Maanoh Ndo Akono)

Understanding your culture and deploying it to distinguish your product offering, is the African’s competitive advantage when trading within a global market.

It justifies the need for DIVERSITY,


necessitates INCLUSION,

and mandates ACCESS.

―Maanoh Ndo Akono-

Our Mission

Preserving African culture through education and practice

Our Vision

Know African! Experience Africa! Engineer World Change!

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