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The story of Africa will never be complete without a mention of what happened to her children who were forcibly taken into chattel slavery. Hear it resound from every corner of the motherland, oh ye sons and daughters of our brothers and sisters. You are loved! You are ours! Africa did not forget. You are the sons and daughters of Africa's great. Lift up your heads from the past. What makes you great is not without you, it is within you. It is in your African DNA. Arise and take your seats at the table. Let your excellence shine in creativity, in discipline, in love, in unity, in forgiveness, in integrity, in order, in hard work, in leadership and in cleanliness. Arise, sons and daughters of Africa, for the time is now for the lion to tell its version of the story of the hunt. You are the change you have been waiting for. This is the day Bob Marley dreamt of. Africa Unite!

―Maanoh Ndo Akono-