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Onsite Seminars

Featured seminars by African icons and subject matter experts, sharing on
topics that improve the audience’s understanding of Africa, and answering
participants questions.

This is the perfect way to join a community of people who share a common
interest and quest for knowledge. The way to understanding the African
heritage. Each participant contributing from a perspective that builds the
‘whole, Making each meeting, one-of-a-kind

Event Hall

pexels-ante-6561125 (1)
What does it mean to be African?
Africa before slavery and colonization.
What went wrong? How did Africa get colonized and its people get enslaved.
Masai in traditional clothes joining hands in unity (Zanzibar, Tanzania),
Overcoming the effects of slavery and colonialism.

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Offsite Presentations

Partnering with schools and organizations to support the expression of African culture by providing lectures on topics of history, geography, food, dress, music, sport and Art.

Schools, Churches and Organizations may book for an event presentation or seminar to showcase African cuisine, regalia, dance, art or music