African Associations

African Education and Cultural Associations

$200 per year

African immigrants have come a long way from simply resettling in the US, to establishing social groups within which it sustains cultural heritage and educates its own. Yet there remain so many resources it does tap into owing to the absence of a formal structure that brings these groups together to offer them a voice before local, state, and national government authorities. Membership to the US BASED AFRICAN EDUCATIONAL & CULTURAL ASSOCIATION REGISTRY offers:

  • That collective power wherein associations can become more aware of what other associations exist within their localities or nationwide.
  • More readily locate information on how to contact and connect with each other, find out what activities are going on and to support each other.
  • From a standpoint of advocacy, exercise their strong collective bargaining power with which to negotiate at any government level.
  • An annual subscription ensures that your organization gets a chance to review its listing and make any necessary updates.
  • It also offers your organization an opportunity to annually review the value of this service and consider what offerings it may not have taken advantage of.
  • This registry is a critical tool for local council members, state legislators and national leaders, seeking to connect with the African immigrant community.

Registration is open to all national and State branch level educational and cultural associations, of African origin.

Offers your Association the following:

  • Improved visibility and recognition
  •  Lists your association in a central registry for easy location by prospective members, donors, and partners

  • Offers opportunity for partnership