Country Representatives

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Yvonne Happi

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Country Representative (cameroon)

Nchintoh-Kom Chiatoh Collins Songbi (MSC, PhD Candidate)

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Country Representative (NIGERIA)

Shuri Adeline Clinton-Agbor (MA, PhD Candidate)


Shuri Adeline Clinton-Agbor
(MA, PhD Candidate)

Daughter of Lt. Achu John Ngwa of Baforchu
Wife of Bayangi

Shuri Adeline Clinton-Agbor is a certified counselor, therapist, and writer. She works as a Producer at The Christian Broadcasting Network in Abuja, Nigeria. Adeline has a Certificate in Neuro Linguistics Programming and holds a Diploma in Mental Health. She has a BA and an MA in English Language and is currently a PhD candidate in Communication at the Atlantic International University, Nigeria.

The incomparable natural beauty of Africa, as well as its welcome diversity in food, culture, and geography, should be nurtured and passed on to posterity.

Country Representative – (Cameroon)

Nchintoh-Kom Chiatoh Collins Songbi
(MSC, PhD Candidate)

Son of Pa Chiatoh David of Kom Kingdom

Chiatoh Collins Songbi is a Senior Member of the Kom Kwifoyn, which is its Secret & Sacred regulatory Society. He is also a senior member of the Kom Royal Court and PhD candidate at the Bamenda University in Cameroon. His areas of interest include Decentralization, cultural identity, Public Relations, and Crisis Communication.
He is a project management professional with over 20 years of experience. He is a Scholar and activist specialized in Communication, decentralization, and cultural Identity.

Culture is the foundational lense through which people see the world, and therefore a major source of core values and identity. Africans deserve to know their culture, to be able to distinguish themselves within a global marketplace.


Yvonne Happi Deukou

Fille de Papa Akono Ndo Emmanuel de Yekombo, de Mintyaeminyoumin Epouse de Bafang de Bana

Maman de 4 enfants. Je suis infirmière et je vis en France depuis une vingtaine d’années.
La double culture camerounaise et française est une richesse à cultiver et à préserver pour permettre à nos enfants ainsi qu aux générations futures de s imprégner de nos us et coutumes tout en transmettant des valeurs.