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Embracing African Hair I

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The Journey of African Hair Through History and Identity




  • For generations, people of African heritage have been engaged in a profound, yet unspoken battle that is rooted within part of their identity – their hair.
  • The remarkable textures of African hair carry stories that span triumphs and tribulations, beauty and bias.
  • This course takes the student into a journey that explores African hair and sheds light on the intricate narratives woven into the strands.
  • When was the last time you truly took the time to acquaint yourself with your hair?
  • When did you last wear it with the unyielding confidence it unquestionably deserves?
  • How beautiful is your hair?





MODULE ONE: Exploring African Hair: The Bridge Between Diversity and Identity

This module delves beyond the superficial, beyond the mere description of hair, to unveil its profound cultural, social, spiritual, and sexual dimensions. It is an acknowledgment that this is more than just a collection of strands; It is a living proof of heritage, a powerful symbol of pride and identity.

MODULE TWO: Pre-Colonization Era – Culture And Traditions Surrounding African Hair.

In this module, we unravel the fascinating ways hair was styled, cared for, and used to communicate messages of identity. Prepare to unearth unconventional uses of hair that served as potent symbols of social status and even marital significance.

MODULE THREE: The Colonial Era – A Struggle For Identity

This module sheds light on the impact of Westernization on African hair, a narrative laced with power dynamics, oppression, and a struggle for identity. Learn how hairstyles became an act of defiance and protest, even as they mirrored the major societal changes of that era. Understand the introduction of haircutting, a strategy aimed at enforcing conformity, even within educational institutions.

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction
  • 1.1 The Pride and Beauty of African Hair: From Symbolism to Identity
  • 1.2 The Art of Hairdressing: Venue for Hairdressing
  • 1.3 African Hair: Textures and Variations
  • 1.4 Typical African Hairstyle Patterns
  • 1.5 Unveiling the Social and Sexual Significance of African Hair
  • Quiz

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This is a great course and i enjoyed this course. Thank You