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Embracing African Hair II

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The Journey of African Hair Through History and Identity




  • For generations, people of African heritage have been engaged in a profound, yet unspoken battle that is rooted within part of their identity – their hair.
  • The remarkable textures of African hair carry stories that span triumphs and tribulations, beauty and bias.
  • This course takes the student into a journey that explores African hair and sheds light on the intricate narratives woven into the strands.
  • When was the last time you truly took the time to acquaint yourself with your hair?
  • When did you last wear it with the unyielding confidence it unquestionably deserves?
  • How beautiful is your hair?





MODULE FOUR: Neo-Colonial Era – Reclaiming Strength

Module Four explores the challenges of the neo-colonial era head-on. This module delves into the contemporary fears and societal pressures that have led many to conform and hide their hair. Discover the beneficiaries of these norms and the potential paths to reclaiming power and identity.

MODULE FIVE: Africa Hair Care Practice

“Africa hair care practice” is a journey that delves beyond the surface of shampoos, conditioners, and oils. In this module of the adventure, we uncover the cultural significance embedded within these hair care practices. African hair care goes beyond aesthetics; It is a ritual of self-care and an affirmation of identity. Discover the traditional ingredients and holistic approaches that have been passed down through generations, nurturing both hair and pride.

MODULE SIX: Integrating African Hair Care Studies into Education

This module is an enlightening exploration of how integrating the study of African hair care into educational curricula can contribute to cultural understanding and inclusivity. Through this integration, we create a space for dialogue, exploration, and celebration. Education holds the power to reshape narratives and foster a sense of pride and identity. In “Cultivating Identity and Pride,” we delve into the pathway of African hair care studies and education. From historical lessons that highlight the significance of African hair to scientific insights into hair care products and practices, students engage in an enriching experience that transcends textbooks.
This course isn’t just a pursuit of knowledge; It is a journey of empowerment. Through this course, participants will emerge equipped with the insight needed to embrace their natural hair, regardless of gender and the heritage it symbolizes. We collectively pave the way for a future where African hair’s richness is celebrated, diversity is championed, and every strand tells a story of strength.

Course Curriculum


  • Neo-Colonial Era – Reclaiming Strength



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