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Pre-Colonial African History I

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African History

I provides a comprehensive exploration of African history from its origin to precolonial times. The course is divided into five modules, each focusing on specific aspects of pre colonial African history, culture and civilization. Through this course, participants will gain insight into early African life and culture, ancient African societies, political systems, and the prominent rulers of Africa during this era.

Module One – The Genesis

This module covers the birth of Africa, reviewing its geological composition and the first inhabitants of Africa. It presents the oldest known facts about Africa, Africa’s unique climate and the impact of this climate on inhabitants’ lifestyle and the strategies that were adopted for survival. Discover Africa’s role as the cradle of civilization, as evidenced by its contribution to education and innovation, its writing systems and early scholars. Explores the different historical periods of African history, from the Stone Age to the Iron Ages.

Module Two – African Society, Trade and Governance

This module explores the history of ancient African societies in its northern, southern, eastern, western, and central regions. Participants will observe common cultural characteristics, social structures, and population movements in these societies. Learn about the economic activities and trade networks of ancient Africa, including valuable resources and trade routes. Discover pre-colonial African political systems, the structure of African kingdoms and chiefdoms, and the role of traditional leaders.

Module Three – Culture, Spirituality, and Traditions

Explores the diversity of African culture, including its clans, tribes and languages. Understanding the importance of family and community in African societies. Appreciate traditional African cuisine, spirituality, religious beliefs, and practices.

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